Betonite Clay

What is Bentonite Clay Used For?

Bentonite clay is an absorbent substance that is mostly used for drilling mud for oil wells. Sodium Bentonite absorbs several times its dry mass in water, so it is an excellent substance for that purpose. It is estimated that over half of the substance that is mined is used for drilling mud.

Much of the substance comes from volcanic ash and the Benton shale beds in Wyoming. One of the more helpful uses of the clay is for digestive purposes, where the Bentonite attracts toxins in the human body by its negative charge in its ions. This attracts toxins and heavy metals in the body, and renders them harmless as the body then eliminates them.

The substance is particularly helpful in a disease called C-Diff, a problem where the good bacteria in the gut is overwhelmed by bad bacteria. C-Diff, if left unchecked can actually eat away at the bodily tissue and form a hole in the large intestine, which can lead to great infection, and even death.

When you buy Bentonite clay it is sold as an essential oil and reverses the process, destroying the bad bacteria, and allowing the good bacteria to regrow. This has been used throughout the centuries for digestive purposes.